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This is an agreement between you and RememberYou, which describes your right to use the software and the services set out in this section ("this Agreement" or "Agreement"). You should review the entire agreement because all of the terms are important and together create a legal agreement that you are bound by once you have accepted it. Moreover, there are documents and principles that we may link to this Agreement, which forms part of these terms and are incorporated by reference. You should read them as well.


The services covered by this Agreement is the secure storage of one or more physical memory/memories that you purchase from us and pay a monthly fee for through card payments or other means of payment, and you have access to the physical memory through an app or website (the "Services").
Our goal is to create a safer and more secure environment and therefore we require that users, when they use the Services, follow these conditions. You may not use the Services in such a way that you infringe third party rights, including, but not limited to, the deliberate damage to legal or natural person.
You must accept the conditions by actively confirm them before you can use the Services and the Terms constitute a valid contract between you and RememberYou. By using or open the Services or by accepting the terms where the option is available to you in the user interface, you acknowledge that you agree to abide by this Agreement without modification on your part. If you do not accept these terms, you may not use the Services.
We will inform you if we intend to change the agreement. We have the right to change the terms of this Agreement if (i) the applicable law requires, for example, because of legislative changes, (ii) it is necessary due to the instructions and / or regulations based on the law, (iii) the relationship between service and consideration (eg monetary compensation) has been disturbed, (iv) it is necessary for technical reasons, (v) it is necessary to facilitate the operation of the Services or (vi) the conditions changed to the user's advantage. We will inform you before the proposed change comes into force, either through the user interface, an e-mail or other appropriate means. We will give you the opportunity to end services in at least 30 days before the change takes effect. If you do not cancel the services within the specified period (in the manner described in section “CONTENT”), you agree and with this the amendment of this Agreement. We will also explicitly point out that when informed of the intended change in this Agreement.
What kind of changes can I expect to the Services? We are constantly working to improve services, to improve or update their function, introduce new features or customize the Services, and we can at any time change the Services or delete functions in this regard, including, but not limited to, our agreements with third no longer allows us to make their material available, it is no longer possible for us to provide them, technological progress, or if the customer feedback indicates a change is needed. We will give advance notice of major changes in the Services. We can make the Services or their features are available in a beta version, which may not work correctly or in the same way as the final version. We also announced in advance of a change in services will make you lose your Content (as defined below). You may at any time terminate the Services in the manner described in section “CONTENT”.
How old do I have to be to use the Services? By using the Services, you represent that you have either reached the "age of majority" where you live, or that a parent or guardian has given valid consent to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. If you are the parent or guardian of a minor person creating an account, you agree to this Agreement, on the minor's behalf and are responsible for all use of the account or the Services, including purchases, whether the minor's account is open now or created later.


RememberYou account is a service that allows you to log into a physical memory that belongs to you. You must be signed in with a RememberYou account to access the services. When you create a RememberYou account, please enter the name and password, certain demographic information (country, birth date, gender, ZIP code) and security information, such as an alternate email address or an alternate phone number, and information about the person or people you want to have access to the physical memory if something should happen to you or cause you specify. E-mail address or the name you use to create your RememberYou account is unique to you as long as your RememberYou account is still active. Existing holders of RememberYou accounts may be prompted for their safety to be able to continue using their RememberYou accounts. You can access and manage your RememberYou account and security information by visiting the website
Read the Privacy Policy (as defined below) to understand how RememberYou collect and use the information associated with your RememberYou account. You are responsible for keeping your account information and password secret. You can use your RememberYou account to access the RememberYous other products, websites and services. The conditions for these products, websites and services, including their respective privacy policies, may, if they are different from this Agreement, however, also apply to your use of the product, site or service. You must log in to your RememberYou account at least once a year, so that the services related to your RememberYou account is kept active, unless otherwise specified in an offer for a paid portion of the Services. If you do not sign in during this period, we will, if you did not enter the contact as described above, to close your account (which means you will not have access to ™ Services, Office Services, content stored in your account or to any other products or services that use RememberYou account). If you have not logged on for a year and neither indicated any contact, so RememberYou to lift out of your physical memory and store it in a safe place for another year and then destroy it, unless the law requires us to keep it.
What happens if I cannot access my RememberYou account? If you have forgotten your password or otherwise cannot access your RememberYou account, you can restore RememberYou account by visiting the website We will do our best to help you recover your RememberYou account.


You create the content. Some services allow you to communicate with others and share or store various types of files, such as photos, documents, music and video. The content of your communications and your files are your "Content". Your content remains yours and you are responsible for it.
You have control over who has the right to access your content. If you do not want others to have this opportunity, you should not use the Services to share your content. You warrant and represent that you during the term of this Agreement has been (and will have) all necessary rights to the content that you upload to or part of the Services and the use of the contents referred to in this paragraph, does not violate any law or third party rights, if any, you may be held responsible.
What kind of content or activity is not permitted? To protect our customers and the Services we have developed these Rules of Conduct governing the use of the Services. Content and activities which violate this Agreement is not allowed.
Do not use the Services to do anything illegal.
Do not engage in any activity that exploits, harms or threatens harm children.
Please do not spam, and do not use your account to help others send spam. Spam is unsolicited e-mail sent to many, advertising and instant messaging.
Do not engage in any activity that is false or misleading (eg, to try to obtain money under false pretenses by claiming to be someone else).
Do not engage in any activity that could harm the Services or any other (eg viruses, stalking, express hatred, advocating violence against others).
Trespass not on someone else's rights (eg unauthorized sharing of copyrighted music, resale or other distribution of Bing maps, photos or other content).
Do not engage in activities that infringe on the privacy of others. 
In many cases RememberYou gets attention to violations of the Rules of Conduct through customer complaints, but we are also using automated technologies to detect child pornography or abusive behavior that might harm the system, our customers or others. When such cases are investigated will RememberYou or its resellers to review content to solve the problem. This is in addition to the use for which we describe in this Agreement and Privacy Policy.
Can RememberYou remove my content from the services? Yes. We reserve the right to reject any Content or delete it from the Services if we believe it violates applicable law or this Agreement, or if it exceeds the limitations for storage or file size. If the content you store on the Services is legal and consistent with this Agreement, protected by copyright and you have permission to use the Content, we give you the option to download content. This does not apply if the content has been removed from our servers because your RememberYou account has remained inactive for the time specified in the "RememberYou-Account". We can also block communication (such as e-mails or instant messages) to or from the Services as part of our effort to protect the Services or our customers or otherwise enforce the terms of this Agreement.


If you violate the agreement and continues to violate relevant obligation after you have received a message asking you to stop violating it in an appropriate and reasonable time frame, we can take action against you, including (without limitation) ask you to refrain from certain activities, remove your Content from the Services, indefinitely suspend or terminate your access to the Services, RememberYou disable your account and / or refer such action to the appropriate body. This action does not affect RememberYous further legal rights to immediately terminate this Agreement for good reason. This includes if you violate a material obligation under this Agreement. Significant commitments for all obligations that must be met to this Agreement shall be fulfilled in the right way. This makes it possible to meet the objectives of this Agreement and that users can generally assume that these obligations are met in accordance with the intent and content of this Agreement. To remove content and terminate the services involve deleting or separating information and content related to your RememberYou account. Content will thereby become inaccessible.
If you do not log in to your RememberYou account at least once a year (see "RememberYou-Account"), or if RememberYou stop providing portions of the Services in accordance with the "Thank you for choosing RememberYou!", your data will be permanently deleted from the portion of the Services or separated from you and your RememberYou account unless the law requires us to keep it. If we finish a paid service, we will reimburse you in proportion to the amount corresponding to the remaining time of the service before the break. If you sign up for a paid portion of the Services and fail to make a payment on time, we may suspend or terminate the service (see section "Payment Terms" section for more information).
You may at any time and for any reason, using a one month termination periode from theend of the month in which you terminate the Services, terminate the Services associated with your RememberYou account by going to Information on how to end a paid service available in the section "Terms of payment". If you are canceling your Services, the quickest way to remove your Content on the Services manually from the Services components (example manually delete your email). Although the content has been erased, or that belong to a closed account is not accessible to you, you should note, however, that it may remain in our system for some time while we removes deleted content from our system, and you hereby agree expressly such a necessary task management. See Service Privacy Policy for more information about RememberYous conservation practices.
If your services are terminated (by you or us), immediately cease your use of the Services, and your license to use our software ends. You must then uninstall the software, otherwise we will disable it. RememberYou If your account is terminated (by you or us) will terminate immediately your right to use RememberYou account. If your services terminated, we will delete information or Content (as defined above) which belongs to your RememberYou account, or otherwise distinguish it from you and your RememberYou account unless the law requires us to keep it, and we have no obligation to return content to you.


Your privacy is important to us. On the website describes how we use and protect your Content and any information we collect about you. They are important, so please read them carefully. This Agreement incorporates the Privacy Policies by reference. By using the Services or agreeing to these terms you agree to RememberYou follow Swedish law and thus be forced to disclose the physical memory of legitimate authority so requests.


We strive to keep running and running services, but all online services suffer occasional disturbances and outages. You should regularly back up the content you store on the Services. Having a regular scheduled backups can help prevent loss of your content. We strive to provide detailed information on the status of the services on the website of the service's status


Any software that we provide to you as part of the services covered by the terms of this Agreement, unless it is accompanied by a separate license agreement. If this agreement governs the website you are viewing, you are licensed by the third party who owns all the scripts and all code that links to or references from the site, and not of RememberYou.
You may be forced to accept updates covered by the Services unless additional or other terms accompany the updates. If you accept, apply the other conditions for the updated software, and if you do not accept the other conditions which apply to the updates you cannot use or receive updates. If you do not have to approve any further or different conditions for receiving an update within the scope of this Agreement. RememberYou have no obligation to make any updates available and does not guarantee that we support the system version for which you have licensed the software.


Debits. If a charge is connected to a part of the Services, you hereby agree to pay the fee. The listed price for the Services includes all applicable taxes and costs of currency exchange, unless otherwise specified.
Your billing account. In order to pay for a service you are asked to enter a payment method when you register for the service. Access to information and payment method on the website You also agree to always keep the information in your billing account current. In addition, you agree that the Armed RememberYou allowed to use any updated information regarding your payment method provided by your bank or the applicable payment network. If you tell us that we should stop using your payment method, and do not tell us any other payment method after we have notified you to do so within a reasonable time frame, we may suspend or terminate your paid service. Your message to us will not affect the invoices we have sent to your billing account before we in a reasonable time has been able to act on your changes to your account information.
Billing. By providing RememberYou with a payment method (i) you certify that you are authorized to use the payment method you have provided and that any payment information is true and correct, (ii) RememberYou is authorized to charge you for services with the payment, and (iii) to RememberYou is authorized to charge you for any paid feature of the Services you choose to register for or order while this Agreement is valid. The billing of service to your payment method can be done by us agreed: (a) at the time of purchase (b) shortly after purchase; or (c) on a recurring basis for subscription services. With your consent, debit also be made in advance. Further, we may charge you up to the amount you have approved, and we will notify you of the difference for recurring subscription services. We may bill you for several previous pay periods and the current payment period at any one time.
Automatic renewal. Provided that automatic renewal is allowed in your country, we will notify you either when you register for the service or before service is automatically renewed. As we have informed you that the Services will be automatically renewed, we automatically renew services and charge you the current price of the extension period. We will also remind you that we will charge your chosen payment method for the renewal of the Services and provide you with instructions on how to end the service. We will charge you the actual price of the extension period, unless you have told us you want to terminate this Agreement at least one month before the termination or renewal period has expired or for any other reason in accordance with how we have notified you that you can terminate it.
Online Billing and errors. We provide you with an online statement on the website where you can view and print the invoice. You should check online invoice regularly, at least once a month. It is the only bill we provide. You are responsible for print and save a copy of each online statement and retain such copy for your own account. Any errors in the invoice be corrected immediately upon request with a calculation of the correct amount occurs. You must notify us within 120 days after an obvious error. If you notify us within this time, absolves us from all liability and claims for compensation of loss due to ordinary negligence; Furthermore, you can in such a case does not require us to correct the error or refund any applicable fee for the service. In all other cases where RememberYou have discovered a billing errors, we inform you and take action to correct the error as soon as is reasonably possible.
Return Policy Period or the right of withdrawal. When you request services from us, you will be eligible for a withdrawal period of fifteen days from the date services begin. You may at any time terminate the services as specified in this section. See below for RememberYous refund policies.
Deals on trial periods. If you take part of a trial period offer, you must cancel the Services at the end of the trial period to avoid new charges, unless we notify you otherwise. Services may be terminated as provided in this section. If you do not cancel your services and we have informed you that the Services will be converted into a paid subscription at the end of the evaluation period and we are hereby informs you of applicable fees and any other applicable conditions, authorize us to charge you according to your payment method with the then current price for the Services.
Price changes. If the service offering associated with a specific time limit or a specified price applies this price until the offer period ends. You must agree to any new offers and prices if you want to extend services. If your services are based on a period (eg, monthly), with no specific time length and is not an evaluation offer, we can change the price of services up to five (5) per cent if we tell you at least 30 days before the change takes force. You will be given the option to terminate the Services before the price change. When we inform you of the price change, we will inform you as well especially if the new price will take effect if you do not cancel the Services. When the period ends, and provided you have not terminated the services prior to our information, we will charge you the new price of your use of the Services. If you do not agree to the price change, you must cancel and stop using the Services before the price change takes effect. If you cancel your Service ends service at the end of the current service period or, if we bill your account periodically, at the end of the period during which you terminated the service.
Repayment Terms. In general, fees are not refundable unless the refund is based on the termination caused by gross negligence or omission on RememberYous page, including the Services are not efficiently provided. If you are eligible for a withdrawal period under this section will be replaced within a reasonable period of time for the amount actually paid.
Termination of Services. You may at any time terminate the Services, for any reason. You should refer to the description of the Services as (i) you may be required to pay all fees that were charged to your billing account for the Services before the termination date, or (ii) you may lose access to your RememberYou account when you cancel the Services.
Delayed payments. In late payments, you have to pay for the reasonable costs that we receive in connection with collection of the amount, including fees for attorneys and other legal costs that laws and regulations permit. We may suspend or terminate your services if you have not paid the amount in full within a reasonable time after we have sent a reminder - that includes the information that we possibly will suspend and / or terminate the Services. You can avoid closure or termination if you pay the required amount within the time specified in the reminder. Missing amounts below two per cent of the invoiced sum regarded always as marginal if they are below 1000 SEK. Closing or the termination of the Services due to non-payment can cause you to lose access to your RememberYou account.
Payments to you. If we owe you a payment, you agree to timely and accurately provide us with any information we need to make the payment to you. You are responsible for all taxes and charges you may be required to pay on account of the payment to you. If you incorrectly receive a payment you are not entitled to, we can withdraw the payment or request a refund of the amount, and you agree to cooperate with us.
Internet Access Services and fees. You are responsible for payment of the fees charged by your Internet service provider or Wi¬Fi. These fees are in addition to the fees you pay us for the Services. Although you can access the services through wireless devices (such as mobile phones or tablets), your service provider for the wireless network to charge fees for messaging, web browsing and other services required for the use of airtime and wireless data services. Check with your provider if there are any such fees that may apply to you. You are solely responsible for all costs that may arise in connection with access to the Services through any wireless or other communication service.


RememberYou not responsible for any Content, including links to third-party sites and activities provided by the user. Such content and activities can not be attributed RememberYou or represent RememberYou's opinion [LGRN3].
RememberYou is only liable for gross negligence of RememberYou's side, its agents and / or its legal representatives for breach of material obligations under this Agreement. Significant commitments for all obligations that must be met to this Agreement shall be fulfilled in the right way.
RememberYou, its agents and / or its legal representative shall not be liable for any unforeseeable damage, abnormal injury and / or economic loss with respect to any indirect damage, including loss of profits, unless RememberYou, its agents and / or its legal representative at least acted with gross negligence.
Everything including strictly liability for RememberYou, including liability under the Product Liability Act and the Consumer Services Act, shall remain unaffected by the limitation of liability. The same shall apply to liability for RememberYou, its agents and / or its legal representative in the event of negligence causing damage to the individual's life, body or health.
Any other contractual or legal liability for death and / or injury that has not been covered in this section, except those covered in this section regarding limitation of liability, may be claimed under this Agreement and / or use of the Services.


If you live in (or, if the head office of your company is headquartered in) Europe, you enter into an agreement with RememberYou. Swedish law governs all claims relating to the Services, without prejudice to mandatory statutory provisions in force in the country where we provide our services, unless the Swedish law specifies this.


Using the Services, you may access the sites and services of third parties and that is not controlled or published by RememberYou. RememberYou is not responsible for the websites of third parties, services or materials available through the Services. You are responsible for your dealings with third parties (including advertisers). Your use of third-party sites or services may be subject to third party terms and conditions.


By purchasing your physical memory or memories, you own it or them. RememberYou is responsible itself or by a third party for the physical storage of these memories, as well as services in general.


Software may contain software from Owncloud. This software is part of the license terms that apply to your use of the Services.

Continued validity

All sections of this Agreement, which by their terms or by its nature will apply after the expiry, remain valid after the termination of this Agreement.


We may at any time transfer, assign or otherwise dispose our rights and obligations under this Agreement, in whole or in part and without notice to you, as long as such assignment is not to your disadvantage.


This agreement is electronic. We have the right to electronically send you information about the Services, disclosures and information that the law requires that we provide. We may provide you the required information by e-mail to the address you provided when you signed up for services or through a RememberYou-site that we identify. We recommend that you check and maintains the email address you provided. If you do not consent to receive notices electronically, you must stop using the Services.


This is the entire agreement between you and RememberYou to your use of the Services. It supersedes all prior agreements between you and RememberYou regarding your use of the Services. Agreement section headings are only for reference and has no legal effect.


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