RememberYou - your real private cloud

In a World that is more and more connected, the need increases for people to have a safe and private place in the digital environment. Many people feel insecure regarding the rights and ownership of their pictures if stored on cloud solutions. Therefore, it is common that pictures are stored on computers at home, and the risk that they disappear is bigger. 

That is why we have created a more personal picture storing solution.

With us, you save your pictures on your own physical device, which you purchase from us once you create your account. We keep it safe for you, and noone else but you have access to that device. 

Our service provides a solution that is at the top of the list of what people do with their smartphones on a daily basis - picture storage. Instead, you can free more memory on your smartphone by using RememberYou. No matter where in the World you are, your pictures, videos and documents are stored in a safe place. As an additional feature, you have the option to add information about who shall be contacted, if something would happen to you.
"It feels safe that my pictures are stored on my private physical device, and not flying around in some cloud somewhere."

​Kent Westling


You need to purchase the physical device you want to store your pictures on from us when you register, so that the legal ownership transaction is completed. This way, you own your physical device and the rights to everything that is stored on it.

We cooperate with global IT security companies, and we store your physical device for you in a class 3 datacenter, which is the same security class as a bank vault. You access the device through an app or the RememberYou site. As soon as you have registered, your device will start up and you can begin storing your pictures or documents on it.

This is the easiest way to get the best of both worlds - a photo app with a private physical device!
When you log in and watch the pictures, you are actually watching them where they are stored
- on your physical device.

In the contract with RememberYou, you have the option to add contact information about who shall be contacted if anything should happen to you.
You and your pictures
Your pictures at your physical device at RememberYou, like in a bank vault.
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You, or your loved ones
The day you choose to discontinue the RememberYou services, we disconnect your physical device and send it to you.
That means that absolutely nothing that belongs to you remains with RememberYou. 


Register och download the app to get started.  


It is easy to use RememberYou!
All you have to do is to register and download the RememberYou app to your smartphone. Get it at AppStore or Google Play. You can also log in through your web browser. Once logged in, you can view your pictures, sort them in folders and share pictures or complete folders with other users.

Download the RememberYou app at:


If you have documents you care about, you can upload a copy on RememberYou


How much memory do you need? For most people, 64 GB is more than enough. Contact us if you need more memory.
  • Purchase of physical device - Prices coming soon!
  • Subscription - Prices coming soon!
  • 64 GB
  • Private storage
  • Possibility to give your pictures and documents to loved ones.